We've already heard leaks that assassin's Creed's next game will be based on the Vikings and their civilization, and today there was a report from the source that we used to leak news of parts of the series before it was revealed and it was always happening.

Here are the highlights of the report:

1-The next part no longer bears the name Kingdom but became Assassin's Creed Ragnarok.
2-Its events will take place earlier than any previous part of the series, including Odyssey, specifically 800 BC.
3-The part will tell the story of the first civilization.
4-He will tell us about a group of people who monopolize knowledge and technology to achieve evil goals.
5-The RPG elements we've seen in the last two games will be further expanded in this segment. The gameplay will be similar to Odyssey with improvements to gameplay mechanics.
6-Your main task is to eliminate the heads and leaders of certain tribes.
7-There will, of course, be naval ship battles, but less than a odyssey.
8-It will be possible to combine non-playable characters into your ranks in a way similar to what we saw in AC: Brotherhood.
9-The adventure will take us to Scandinavia and Britain.
10-There will be imaginary worlds such as Asgard and Jotunheim.
11-We will be able to face the gods.
12-The story will revolve around revenge and the characters Loki and Odin will play an important role in the events.
13-You'll be able to choose the sex of the main character, male or female, but that won't affect the events, and either way, her name is Jora.
14-The game will be released next fall on new generation devices and current generation devices.
15-It was revealed in February as part of a PlayStation event (is it a PS5 detection event that we heard leaks about?).